With over 10 years experience in the wedding industry and photographing over 100 weddings, I feel very equipped and confident in my work to capture your next event. My name is Valeisha Kelly - Pedigo and I am a self-taught photographer, who truly loves what I do. I would love to boast of all my many accolades, but in truth, I am just a simple person who transformed a hobby into a passion. On the contrary, there are those that have immense skill and knowledge in a trade or area, but without the driving force of passion, one rarely succeeds.

It is amazing to know with just one click you are preserving that particular moment in time forever a shimmer in time remains still. I believe that God gives us all talent; and when one door closes another one opens. My father once said out of ones pain sometimes evolves our innermost creativity. I found this to be true; photography became my escape in my most trying time.

This is my story

I was your typical teenager ready to conquer the world full of energy, life and in what seemed to be an instant it was all taken away. I began to melt away to just skin and bones. My sight was diminishing, and it took an extreme effort to just put one foot in front of the other. After seeing four different doctors, I was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus I at age eighteen. The doctor stated that it was a miracle that I was up walking and not in a coma. So sudden was the onset of this debilitating disease that I was not at all prepared for how it would change my life both emotionally and physically.

All doctors I would see and every medical regime I was given never seemed to work. I was told I was the worse that they had ever seen. The last endocrinologist told me there was nothing more that he could do. Losing independence and having no quality of life, I begin searching for a medical alternative. The disease was destroying my vital organs and ravaging my body at such a pace that I knew something had to be done. After numerous hospitalizations and overwhelming bouts of illness, I contacted University of Minnesota as a potential candidate for the islet cell transplant. After waiting a year, I was finally contacted by the research staff and accepted for a medical evaluation. October 2004, I met with the islet cell research team to discuss the procedure; however, much to my disappointment, the surgery was in its early stages and seemed too experimental for me to risk. It was there I was informed about the pancreas transplant. Although the pancreas transplant sounded promising, it too seemed experimental and a little much for me to endure. That night after learning of both procedures, I told my mother that I was at a crossroads that God would have to reveal to me what I needed to do and how I was to do it.

The next day my mother and I rode a shuttle bus to a photography shop in downtown Minneapolis. I over heard the two ladies behind me talking and I noticed their accent sounded like my southern slang, so I struck up a conversation with them. Amazingly enough, she too was from TN and was in Minnesota for her 1 year from a pancreas transplant. We shared the same struggles of years filled with the same debilitating disease. It was as if God had designated a divine appointment for our worlds to collide. The odds of us meeting I knew where incoincidental. I knew it the master plan of what I was to do. It was then that I felt peace at knew that I was to have a pancreas transplant. It was then that I felt peace and knew that I was to have a pancreas transplant. I didn't know how, where or when, but I knew in time God had it all worked out on his schedule.

In February 2005, I was placed on the Organ recipient list for a pancreas. And when money was not there. God too provided the finances to get there and to get the medical attention I needed. My community arose as well as friends and family, and after 8 months, six calls, and a flight to Wisconsin only to be sent back home for more waiting It was then on October 19th 2005, I received the call. I knew this was the one because I felt so much peace. It was instantaneously from the time the organ was attached to my body it began working. I am living proof that God still performs miracles! Although the journey has been very hard, I know it was something I had to do and something I was suppose to do. If we never face the trials, how would we know he is our deliverer If we never felt the pain, how would we know he is our healer If we never see the trials, how will we know hes our master? For its in these instances, God manifests the works of God shall be made manifest John 9:3 The journey has been very hard, but God has been there right by my side....

I have now passed the statistic for the longevity of the life of my pancreas. On October 19, 2012, I celebrated 7 years!!! I am so very blessed and truly have been given the "gift of life."



Give the gift of life